Svein Mathisen

Svein Mathisen

Born 1956

Member of the board since 2020


Svein Mathisen has more than 30 years of experience from management, business development and finance issues in the Life Science industry but also in the global chemical industry. He worked as CEO for twelve years at the listed pharmaceutical company, BioInvent International. Previously, he worked in leading positions within Norsk Hydro ASA. a in Life Science.


Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Norwegian University of Technology, NTH, Trondheim, Norway

Business Economics and Financial Analysis: Seven one-week modules, Internal Education Norsk Hydro


Chairman Gabather, Board member Athera Biotechnologies, Genagon Therapeutic and Arild Capital.

Number of Shares (as of september 20th 2021)

22 500

Independent of the Company, its senior executives and major shareholders