Björn Sjöstrand

Björn Sjöstrand

Born 1968.

Chairman of the Board since 2021


Bsc in Ecomomics, Örebro Universitet

Principal experience

Björn Sjöstrand is CEO and co-founder of Scandinavian Biopharma and has extensive experience from the Life Science industry from leading positions in both Swedish and international companies. Former CEO of UniTech Pharma AB (2010-2011), CEO of Swiss Berna Biotech AG (2006- 2009) a Swiss company specializing in the development and distribution of virus and bacterial vaccines, and CEO of SBLvaccin in Sweden (2001- 2006) a Swedish vaccine company that has successfully developed and launched Dukoral®, a travel vaccine, and CBO and global head of the vaccine division at Crucell (2006 -2009), a Dutch formerly listed company with facilities in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States specializing in vaccines and biological drugs. Björn has also been an advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Other assignments

Chairman of the Board of Intervacc AB. Board member of Sjöstrand BioBusiness AB and B&M Sjöstrand AB


882 354 shares.

Independent in relation to the Company, its senior executives, and major shareholders