Fredrik Lehmann

Fredrik Lehmann

Born 1976.

Member of the board since 2019.


M.Sc in Chemistry Uppsala universitet, PhD in Pharmaceutical chemistry Göteborgs Universitet, Executive MBA from Handelshögskolan in Stockholm.

Principal experience

Fredrik has a PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry and has over 15 years of experience in drug development. Previously, he has worked at Pharmacia, Biovitrum, OT Chemistry, Recipharm and Oncopetides and has founded and operated six companies within Life Science.

Other assignments

Venture Partner at Industrifonden, CEO and board member of OT Pharmaceuticals AB. Chairman of the board of Synartro AB. Boardmember of AnaCardio AB and Guard Therapeutics.


50 000 shares.

Independent in relation to the Company and its senior executives as well as independent
in relation to major shareholders.