Research and Development

The Sprint Bioscience portfolio of pharmaceutical projects is focused on exploiting various metabolic pathways for the treatment of cancer. We strive to maintain a broad project portfolio and we run several projects at the same time.

New projects are evaluated according to a set model and projects that meet established criteria go on to the next step. There we perform initial experiments to determine whether molecules with good drug properties can be developed.

Projects that do not meet the requirements of medical relevance, technical feasibility or market potential are interrupted at an early stage before too many resources have been used. This means that we minimize the risk of investing significant resources on non-functioning projects.

Using our process, we can develop molecules in a few months, which is significantly faster than traditional drug development. The method is resource-efficient, which means we can handle several parallel projects. By streamlining the process from idea to drug candidate, we build value into drug development.

Sprint Bioscience runs pharmaceutical projects from conception to drug candidates ready for clinical trials. Our projects are licensed by pharmaceutical companies that continue to work with them through clinical stages and onto the market. Our goal is to conclude one larger license agreement per year.