A tumorbiologist’s story

A tumorbiologist’s story

Santiago Parpal is a member of the Tumor Biology team.

Tell us a little about your role and your work at Sprint Bioscience?

I am one of the biology responsible project managers and Principal scientist. I ensure that what we do in my discipline is of high scientific quality and that we implement new methods or knowledge into the project group. As a project manager, I make sure that the activities carried out within the project add value, and are carried out on time, with the best possible results and at the right cost. This includes activities done internally, as well as those we undertake together with external companies or through academic collaborations.

How come you started at Sprint Bioscience?

I started at Sprint Bioscience because it was very exciting to be part of a then relatively newly started company, with an entrepreneurial spirit. I was given the opportunity to be involved in various projects, find new paths and develop in a growing environment. I had previously worked at Astra Zeneca and saw how this “small company” picked the strengths of the “big ones” in the pharmaceutical industry. After my first job interview, I understood that that feeling was right, I was going to like it here!

How is Sprint Bioscience different from other workplaces you’ve been at?

I think the entrepreneurial spirit is still there, but the company has evolved. I have experience with large companies, where the organizational complexity often results in long decision chains and very little room for flexibility in your service. The corporate culture at Sprint Bioscience promotes participation in both individual and joint goals.

What is the best thing about working at Sprint Bioscience?

I think the best thing is to work with talented employees, who care and are committed. We collaborate and, you feel that everyone’s attitude is to, with their expertise and experience, contribute to solving various challenges and developing the projects. Transparency, scientific expertise, determination and curiosity are important values that are apparent when working here.

Who do you think should apply to Sprint Bioscience?

Anyone passionate about drug development, wants to work in exciting projects and wants to develop professionally. I think flexibility, goal focus and commitment are qualities that suit Sprint Bioscience well.