A Medicial Chemsist’s story

A Medicial Chemsist’s story

Tobias Ginman is a member of the Medicinal chemistry team.

Tell us a little about your role and your work at Sprint Bioscience.

I am a Principal Scientist and project manager in charge of chemistry, which means that I prioritize which molecules are to be developed and sent for various tests. As head of chemistry in a project, I have close collaboration with other disciplines. We work with data-driven drug development where the knowledge from analyses of each new molecule is the basis for the next molecule we manufacture.

Why did you join Sprint Bioscience?

Before I started at Sprint Bioscience, I did research at AstraZeneca in Södertälje. When I was asked in 2011 if I was interested in starting at Sprint Bioscience, I said yes to the opportunity to be part of a smaller company and being able to influence my work more.

How does Sprint Bioscience differ from other workplaces you have been to?

It’s a big difference. In a large company, you are usually a small cog in a large machine and you feel forced into a template that may not suit you. At Sprint Bioscience, we take advantage of our employees unique talents and give them the chance to develop. It also helps that everyone knows everyone and has the same drive and goals.

What is the best thing about working at Sprint Bioscience?

The work I put in has a direct impact on how the project develops and ultimately how the company performs. Everyone here always does their best with their part in the work process – it’s so rewarding to be a part of it and you can almost feel the wind of speed. We also have a lot of fun together.

Who do you think should apply to Sprint Bioscience?

Anyone who wants to work with drug development the way it should be done. If you want to help in developing the medicines of the future, be creative and use your unique talents, this is the right place.