Film premiere at Sprint Bioscience – Fragments of hope

How does it work within a company that strives towards winning the battle against cancer by developing new drugs? In the corporate film, Fragments of Hope, you get the opportunity of getting better acquainted with Sprint Bioscience and gain insight into how the business is run.

Thursday, February 23, in Gothenburg, the film about Sprint Bioscience had its premiere. The film’s title Fragments of Hope summarizes the company’s mission; fragment-based drug discovery in the fight against cancer. For seven informative minutes, you will have the opportunity to observe operations; the business and scientific strategies that drive the company and its projects of future cancer medicines forward, toward the market and a better health for people with cancer.

Visit the company’s website to watch the film.

In Swedish
In English

For further information please contact:

Anne-Marie Wenthzel, VP,Business Development
Sprint Bioscience
Tel: 08-411 44 55