Five questions to Sprint Biosciences CEO, Johan Emilsson

Johan Emilsson, newly appointed CEO of Sprint Bioscience, answers questions in the newschannel Börsvärlden (in Swedish) about the company’s success in a tough, competitive market. The company is driven by showing how effective drug development can be with the right attitude and skills, as well as by improving the lives of those affected by cancer.

  • Johan Emilsson, you have been the CEO of Sprint Bioscience for just over a week, tell us about your first impressions?
    There is a very positive atmosphere and there is a huge go-ahead spirit. The agreement signed with Day One Biopharmaceuticals for the VADA cancer program in August has vitalized the entire organization, which is absolutely glowing with energy. I also see that there is enormous knowledge within the company and a depth of research that is impressive.
  • Where would you say Sprint Bioscience stands right now?
    The agreement with Day One was decisive because it means that the company is now well financed. The income from this agreement alone is estimated to finance our ongoing operations for the next two years. The stability it provides is welcome and we now have very good conditions to further develop the company and create value for our shareholders.
  • What will your contribution be?
    I have a background in business development within life sciences, primarily from Ferring Pharmaceuticals where I worked for 10 years, most recently as head of business development in one of Ferring’s divisions. I believe that my experiences can be valuable at Sprint Bioscience and hope that my wide network of contacts can open some doors for us. I hope to contribute to leveraging the deep knowledge in the company and the breadth of the portfolio.
  • What can a shareholder expect from you as a company?
    We naturally want to generate returns for our owners, and I am optimistic that we will be able to do so given the strong position we are now in. We are in a very exciting position for the future as we are well-funded with an interesting internal and external pipeline. Our internal programs are attracting great interest, and our out-licensed programs have the potential to generate good income for the company. The fact that our research could eventually improve people’s health is also an important bonus.
  • What will you focus on in the near term?
    I am doing a thorough review to learn the whole company in depth. Together with the board, I hope we can sharpen the strategy even further, but please let me get back about that.