How human inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatases work

Two of Sprint Bioscience’s team members together with one of the company’s co-founders have recently published an article entitled Structural Basis for Phosphoinositide Substrate Recognition, Catalysis, and Membrane Interactions in Human Inositol Polyphosphate 5-Phosphatases. Structure 22, 1–12, May 6, 2014. The highlights of this article include:

  • Structure determination of three phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphatases including SHIP2 and OCRL linked to diabetes and oculocerebromal syndrome, respectively
  • Structure determination of two complexes between product analogs and INPP5B
  • Confirmation of the shared catalytic mechanism with AP endonucleases
  • Determination of the membrane interacting regions
  • Major differences with the previous model based upon SPsynaptojanin