New Projects

The Sprint Bioscience portfolio of drug projects is focused on targeting different metabolic pathways for the treatment of cancer and type 2 diabetes. We strive towards a broad portfolio and pursue the development of several projects simultaneously.

We evaluate new projects according to a specific project model and the projects that meet established criteria proceed to the next step. There we carry out the initial studies and experiments to determine whether it is possible to produce a series of molecules with medicinal properties.

The projects that do not meet the requirements of medical relevance, technical feasibility and market potential are interrupted at an early stage before they have consumed significant resources. Thus we minimize the risk of investing substantial resources in non-functioning projects.

Through our process we can produce molecules in a couple of months, which is significantly faster than traditional drug development. The method is resource-efficient, which means that we can handle multiple parallel projects. By streamlining the process from idea to drug candidate we build value in drug development.