Business model

Sprint Bioscience has established a well-functioning methodology for driving projects from the idea stage to drug candidates in a time- and cost-effective way.

We have a clear commercial focus with the objective of concluding licensing agreements for projects at an early phase. We do not intend to conduct clinical development in-house. Commercial potential is considered from the very start. A project that does not have the prerequisites for entering into a licensing agreement is put aside in favor of other projects. Our goal is to achieve one significant license agreement per year.

By bringing together highly qualified specialists in a well-trimmed organization, we are significantly streamlining traditional drug development. We create small groups of experienced people with just the right skills who then work closely together in a stimulating, focused environment.

With our efficient technology platform we can quickly identify molecules with properties suitable for drug development. These molecules provide a good basis for developing our project portfolio. In an iterative process including protein science, fragment screening, medicinal chemistry, X-ray crystallography, biochemical and cellular test models, we can convert these molecules into high quality drug candidates.

By entering into partnerships in which we continue to actively participate in the development, we achieve a steady income and continue to grow the skill set of the company. With partnerships that cover a portfolio of projects, we create a broad base for revenue and value potential. Sprint Bioscience has a lower risk profile than many other smaller biotech companies, thanks to its broad portfolio and its focus on signing contracts at an early phase.